Value Added Operations

Value Added Operations from Cameron-Price

We aim to add value to our offering with a range of supplementary services. By offering these services alongside our main solution we endeavour to be more than just a plastic moulding company, but a full service solution provider.

Our range of value added plastic moulding services include:

  • Bespoke assembly operations – from consumer products to household appliances
  • Ultrasonic welding: we utilise cutting edge equipment to make solid state plastic welds using high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations.
  • Linear vibration welding: a frictional welding technique ideal for producing very strong, air-tight thermoplastic welds.
  • Spin welding: by generating heat via rotational friction, incredibly strong welds can be made on thermoplastic parts with circular joints.
  • Hot plate welding: an increasingly popular welding solution, hot plate welding uses thermal pressure in a tightly controlled manner to produce a strong weld.
  • Laser welding: laser welding offers a solution for the narrowest, deepest welds and unrivalled welding rates via a concentrated heat source.
  • PAD / Tampo printing
  • Full Supply Chain Management – delivering product ready for your consumer
  • JIT Inventory management
  • Returnable Packaging Solutions

Design Support/Validlidation

Production introduction

Polymer selection

Rapid Prototyping

End to end project management

Why Choose Cameron-Price for Value Added Operations

Multiple processes controlled in house
Supply chain management expertise
Bespoke processes to support your business

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