A Fully-Managed Product Launch: From Design Through To Distribution

Innovative Filtration

  Cameron-Price was honoured to be involved in an exciting project to design, manufacture and distribute an innovative filtration system.

The filtration system needed to be fit for use within a domestic setting and was to be the first filtration unit offered by the customer.  

This wide-ranging work utilised many of Cameron-Price’s capabilities and strengths, including:

  • A fully managed design support and product development phase
  • Expert prototype development and testing
  • Extensive design-for-manufacture planning
  • Engineering feasibility reviews conducted in close collaboration with the customer so as to ensure product effectiveness
  • Comprehensive tooling suite and assembly cell designed and implemented for a complete manufacturing solution
  • A fully integrated assembly protocol where Cameron-Price both specified and managed all associated sub-suppliers on behalf of the customer, resulting in full inventory control
  • Harnessing of UK stock holdings so as to allow for the efficient JIT supply of multiple SKU’s for product launch in both UK and EU markets.

In essence, Cameron-Price was tasked with bringing a new product to the UK/EU market, managing every step along the way – from initial design and manufacture, right through to distribution and product launch.

Cameron-Price is extremely proud to report that a successful product launch, with stock in hand, was achieved within a period of just 14 weeks.

Innovation in Filtration: The Design Phase

In conjunction with a design house based in Manchester, Cameron-Price worked closely with multiple stakeholders to design an innovative filtration system that functions effectively and also makes the best possible use of materials.

This focus on the efficient leveraging and application of appropriate materials helped ensure that costs were kept as low as possible for the customer, whilst simultaneously ensuring that product quality was never sacrificed.

By being involved in every stage of the process, from design through to manufacture, Cameron-Price was able to guarantee design feasibility, manufacturing efficiency and, ultimately, product effectiveness.

For example, in order to support the customer, Cameron-Price developed additional product design ideas to further highlight the possibilities available for the product as shown in the drawings opposite.

These initial drawings were then developed further in exploded assembly graphics (as shown below).

Further design considerations were then extrapolated as also highlighted below.

By taking advantage of Cameron-Price’s significant expertise in innovative product design, the customer was able to move forward with a solution that paid adequate attention to both manufacturing and product functionality considerations built in from the start. 

By going about the design process in this way, Cameron-Price is able to save customers valuable time and money.

Filtration Design Drawings
Filtration Graphic Design
Filter Design Graphic

Manufacturing, Tooling & Testing

Following on from the successful design phase, Cameron-Price then pivoted to the next stage of the project, namely to begin the process of tooling development, prototype creation, testing, and eventual full-scale manufacturing of the domestic filtration system.

At this crucial phase of product development, Cameron-Price assumed full responsibility for elements crucial to the successful production of the filter system. This included ensuring 100% testing rates with full component traceability and identification.

With careful attention to detail, Cameron-Price was able to successfully provide 10,000 completed units for the initial product launch. Following on from this, 150,000 units were provided to the customer annually.

A Completed Product

See the completed product opposite.

As the project matured, in line with multiple manufacturing iterations, extensive improvement activities were carried out so as to reduce costs, increase production efficiency, and enhance product effectiveness.

For example, Cameron-Price, as well as designing the product itself, also went on to work closely with the customer in order to design a tool to be used by engineers when installing the filtration system.

These additional elements which Cameron-Price are able to provide within customer projects add immense value and assist the customer in solving problems further down the line – such as in product installation, for example.

Please see below for designs of the multi-use tool intended for use when installing the filter.

Completed Filtration System
Tool Drawing Design

A Fully Managed Service

By taking this filtration system from initial design and material selection, through to manufacturing and distribution – whilst managing every aspect of each phase along the way – Cameron-Price was able to leverage its unique expertise and greatly reduce the burden placed on the customer.

Overall, this resulted in an innovative filtration system being brought to market in an extremely cost-effective manner.

Crucially, the solution provided by Cameron-Price was scalable to large production volumes as it took manufacturing considerations into account from the very first product drawing.

End-to-End Product Design, Production, and Delivery With Cameron-Price

At Cameron-Price, we offer full-scope manufacturing ranging from initial design, development and prototyping, through to precision injection moulding, value-added operations (including assembly, welding, and packaging), as well as quality and performance.

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Full feasibility reviews
100% test on production
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