Power Steering Assembly

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Thanks to our vast wealth of experience in automotive injection moulding, Cameron-Price was employed by a European tier-one automotive company to design and produce an injection moulded power steering reservoir assembly.


Once the project was agreed and undertaken, design and engineering feasibility reviews were carried out with the customer. A prototype was produced for review to allow the client to ensure the final product was suitable for use. The client required an annual quantity of 40,000 parts moulded to specific requirements.

The mould tool design and manufacture were all completed in-house at our factory in Stirchley, Birmingham. In-house design and manufacture allow for full, comprehensive control over the final product and more cost-savings for the client.

Once the mould and product designs were complete, suppliers were selected and all procured parts were approved by the client. Our engineering team procured rubber grommets and nylon tubes from external suppliers with full feasibility and contract reviews. An ultrasonic welding cell was also designed and produced by our engineers to ensure uniformity in the product

Power steering components
Power steering components

Cameron-Price developed a weld bead configuration to ensure a robust and repeatable ultrasonic welding process. Full assembly was carried out on-site with a 100% leak decay test also being performed on the final project. Assembly and testing cells were developed internally to ensure the product was delivered on time, within budget and to a very high standard. The customer also required Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) to Level 3 within 20 weeks, which we were able to achieve and provide.

Once the project was completed the client was more than satisfied with the service provided and took delivery of the finished product. The plastic moulded power steering reservoirs were then used in the manufacture of vehicles across Europe.

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Full feasibility Reviews
100% test on production
Management of the supply chain